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Waxing Spatula Brow ● Lip

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Price: $16.00 net each - 2 Pieces Minimum Purchase

Professional Waxing Spatula - Double-Ended, Brow - Lip
Item Number: 51T
Our waxing tools are easy to cleanse and sterilize after each use. This brow and lip waxer allows a thinner wax application resulting in faster wax strip removal which is more comfortable and less stressful. Cosmetic blending of foundations, colors, etc., is more easily accomplished due to the cleansing ability to maintain product and color integrity between products. Money and time are saved because a thinner film cost less and is faster to apply. Baby oil or any good lanolin product will aid in blade cleaning. Comfort equals waxing success. A good antibacterial soap or good microbial soap will aid in cleansing between products and individuals.
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