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Plus Size Robes & Gowns

Spa, day spa, salon clients with a generous girth all have the same need, a robe and/or gown which fits.  A serious spa owner, spa director, salon coordinator or meeter and greeter will want that client
to answer positively to their spa experience,  Teka spa products covers this base with robes, wraps and gowns which fit, are timely styles & offer that client the individual modesty they want and need.  to remain a satisfied client.  Teka believes in satisfied clients.
Robe Plus Size White Waffle
Price: $39.00 net each - 3 Pieces Minimum Purchase
Robe Plus Size White Waffle
Our plus size robe fits most of the most healthy while enjoying spa or home activities. Our robe is a 65/35 cotton poly 2 pocket 4 belt loop white waffle. Comfort and quality equal the modesty factor. Danielle comfortably offers quality.
White Waffle Velcro Treatment Wrap
Price: $22.00 each 6 pcs/color minimum purchase
White Waffle Velcro Treatment Wrap
All delicious pastels allow for embroidery to tease the novice or experienced headband buyer. Above are 60/40% cotton/poly waffle weave gowns with velcro.. A personal pocket add satisfaction to wearing a superior product.
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