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Cosmetic Brush Pro Sable Liner

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Price: $8.00 net each - 2 Pieces Minimum Purchase
Pro Sable Liner
Item Number: 710
Feature: Our Kolinsky pure red sable will not split or shed. Whether novice or profesional, our quality brushes serve the needs of both providing longevity and smooth application with most cosmetics. Skin care products requiring fine line ability appear to be that much better because of this vehicle. This liner brush is a superior Danielle product. Usage: Danielle Kolinsky pure red sable pointed round liners provide a benefit picture to include, lid liner and crease work. Lasting service and longevity in the same product is a Danielle brush. Finished work tells you all you need to know about Danielle value. The perfect brush for every art form is the brush that works for you. Danielle works for you with results.
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