Tips Tricks & Techniques


Synthetic Treatment Brush - Tip  

When applying under-eye treatments, use a synthetic brush to apply treatment avoiding irritation. (4AN) 


Chamomile Products  

Chamomile products are best suited for areas (as under-eye areas) where humans do not possess lubrication glands. 


Face Masks  

While wearing a face mask, should one experience itching and/or irritation on the bridge of your nose, introduce a small strip (1/4” wide x 1/8” thick x 3” long) of a tight cell sponge for comfort and relief; measurements are approximate. (KN95) 


Applying Wax Products  

Applying wax products can be done with greater client comfort using thinner applications. (51T)  
Wax application vehicles yield greater client comfort when using a Teflon and/or another wax applicator of this caliber. 


Hyaluronic Acid  

Hyaluronic Acid has been used often to allow the skin to accept moisture to help eradicate lines and wrinkles. 



Chinese Qua Sha  

It has been said that CHINESE QUA SHA (properly shown by a professional) effectively helps the skin to function optimally. By helping to maintain proper flow and function of the skin, the facial fascia becomes activated and nourished, fluid is invigorated, and lymph drains properly, which helps fluids and toxins to pass through.  This in turn potentially leads to glowing, nourished, plump, and hydrated skin. 


Why Vegan Disposable Wipes?  

With all the hype about single-use products; there is a sense to use disposable wipes which maintain strength and integrity to do the job at hand, eg. Vegan wipes 


Understanding Cosmetic and Treatment Brushes  

Some Brush Makers use animal glue to hold the handle and ferrule together.  Unfortunately, animal glue is not thermoplastic meaning:  in winter this glue crystalizes losing adhesion and allows the handle to loosen from the ferrule.  In warmer climes, this glue flows losing adhesion and allows the handle to loosen from the ferrule.  In both cases, there is no elastic adhesion eliminating any holding power. 


Cooling And De puffing Eyes With Green Tea  

Cooling eye cream products with caffeine or green tea are great for cooling and de puffing dark and morning eye bags. 



Applying False Eye Lashes  

Applying false eyelashes does not have to be tricky.  Wait for your glue to set up creating adhesion and use tweezers for the best lash application results. 



Why Brush Cleaners  

Brush cleaners are available almost everywhere cosmetics are available.  You can also use mild soap and water. Remember to rinse well and let dry completely.  The best cleanser is a hypochlorous acid broad-spectrum disinfectant and sanitizer.  We produce this acid in our bodies. Hypochlorous acid is compatible and non-irritating with human, plant, and pet skin 


Using Hydrating Mist  

The best way to keep skin looking fresh and dewy all day is with a hydrating mist.  Client friendly, spray accepting 2-ounce finger pump spray.  One use among many makes this pump spray a necessary part of your cabin, counter, and/or Cosmetic Bar.  #FSP.