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Teka Fine Line Brushes

Hospital Disinfectant Sanitizer Atomizer

Hospital Disinfectant Sanitizer Atomizer

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Small and lightweight 2.8 lbs. Lithium rechargeable battery. Quickly treats hard-to-reach surfaces. 2.5 hours of operation time. Blue LED light shows where the mist is being applied. Adjustable flow rate Spray range of 2-4 ft. Refillable – 1000 ml. One gallon of disinfectant sanitizer is included. A light spray dries in under 30 seconds. Additional gallons are recommended to have on hand available by phone. Using refills other than Teka's provided disinfectant sanitizer is not supported. The main ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI), which is a substance naturally produced by our white blood cells and travels in our blood system fighting off infections and helping to heal wounds. ALSO available: Touchless Hand Sanitizing Dispenser Wall Mount or Free Standing Kits + Shoe Sanitizing Mat Kit + 110V AC Portable ULV Fogger. Danielle support being healthy and prepared.

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