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Teka Fine Line Brushes

Mineral Cosmetic & Treatment Powder Foundation Brush

Mineral Cosmetic & Treatment Powder Foundation Brush

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Uses range from 1-Mineral Cosmetics, 2-Foundation, 3-Treatments, 4-Mask, 5-Latex & other especially thick applications, 6- General Cosmetics and other needed areas. Our #2TTS will provide long-term applications regardless of the media used. Proper maintenance is determined by that particular media extending satisfaction by years. Water-based products should use good dishwasher soap. Synthetic cleansers should use any recommended cleanser which will not harm synthetic hair. Toluene, MEK, or other high-solvent cleansers are not recommended. Teka quality is recognized by application abilities of no drag realizing no irritants. The attached photo featured our standard cosmetic length handle.

We package our brushes individually in sealed poly bags maintaining a TEKA PRISTINE product for each and every client.

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