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Teka Fine Line Brushes

Silicone Mixing Bowls

Silicone Mixing Bowls

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SILICONE MIXING BOWLS are one of the easiest types of bowls to keep clean. Cleansing ease protects the integrity of products used when changing from one to another. Sea Foam Green, Smooth Buttery Yellow, and Tomato Puree Red are all the same size, 3&1/8" wide x 1&7/16" deep. All bowls have a 125 ML. or, 1/2 cup capacity. Bowls can accept up to 482 F = 250 C degrees. Bowls are flexible for easy pouring. Side grips make your hold of the bowl more positive. Microwave cleansing is safe. Bowls are ideal for many treatments and applications of more than one product where application color coding is desired. Greater flexibility increases control for treatments and cosmetic applications. An excellent Quality addition for any esthetician and/or Cosmetician.

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